ECON*LOCK has been designed to improve the converter activity of the AB60F-Gearbox installed at the Toyota Land cruiser 200 V8 Twin Turbo Diesel (only).

ECON*LOCK is a „plug & drive“ ready controller, which is connected to the OBD-socket to read the relevant data from the vehicle´s CAN-bus-system, is connected between the vehicle´s ECU and the gearbox and connected to the IGNATION circuit to power the system.

ECON*LOCK does not interfere the vehicles CAN-Bus-communication, does not change or force to change the ECU`s operation, does not influence the gear shifting nor the engine´s performance.

ECON*LOCK is programmed with a sophisticated software to create a vehicle´s specific mapping for a perfect converter lockup function in order to improve the vehicle´s performance, drivability, improve significantly the engine brake effect (important for heavy trailering) and reduces the fuel consumption up to 20% and up to 30% when towing heavy trailers.

ECON*LOCK reduces the ATF-temperature due the enforced mechanical lock between the engine´s flywheel and the gearbox drive shaft.

ECON*LOCK changes the characteristics of the vehicle from a steam ship like behavior to a sports car like feeling.

ECON*LOCK improves also the direct gear shift control of the gearbox.

ECON*LOCK works only on Toyota Land cruiser 200, also called VX or Sahara, wherever the V8 BiTurbo is paired with a 6-speed automatic gearbox AB60F.